Aid Association is planning to promote sustainable, equitable and just development such as education, livelihoods, natural resources including land, water, agriculture, health, women’s empowerment and social justice.

Some of the Practices to Raise Money for Your Non-profit Association:

  1. Send more Direct mails: Direct mail is a great and very effective way to reach your donors. It is nice for a lot of people to have a physical letter in front of them from you, and that gives it a personal touch.
  2. Do E-mail Fundraising right: Try to send customized emails based on each individual relationship you have with your donors.
  3. Have a simple donation page: In most of the cases donation page is only way for your donors to make online donation to your organization. Complicated process in the donation page will make the donors to be confused and the process to be harder. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the donation page functions in a simple and easy way. Include a pie chart or some sort of graphic that can show how you spend the money that is donated to you.
  4. Upgrade your donors: meaning ask donors to increase the size of their average gift. Having your donors upgrade should be a crucial part of your fundraising program. Some of the ways to get your donors to upgrade: (a)Have a solid thank you process. (b)Improve your relationship with your donors. (c)Host cultivation events.